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The govmates Institute offers a curriculum focused on helping government contractors grow and expand in the federal contracting community. We want to help you to get to the next level by focusing on topics that are germane to your business. govmates Institute has created programs tailored to address the unique needs of specific socio-economic set-asides.

At the Institute, we provide experts who have opinions, and aren't afraid to tell you what's really going on in the marketplace. Our goal is to present actionable items that can be implemented immediately to help small businesses grow.

Stephanie Alexander, Co-Founder


Capital is the lifeblood of the business community.  In the government contracting world, the mission-critical nature of our work and the rhythm of large contract awards only amplifies the need  to have access to capital.

Financial institutions should serve as true partners for your business.   Finding a banker, equity sponsor or lender who speaks our “govcon” language is important to managing the inevitable growing pains we all experience in the federal contracting community.

Join us for a conversation with a panel of experts who specialize in government contract financing.  From private equity to senior debt, we’ll cover the entire capital structure and get down to what matters most when choosing a financial partners.

Our Panelists include:

  • Claudio Ochoa, Donovan Capital 
  • Jason Kaufman, Chertoff Capital   
  • Adam Nalls, Virginia Partners Bank 

Have a burning question?   Email us so we can address at our event: 


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Wednesday, February 24, 2021


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