How We Serve

We understand that Government has limited procurement staff and resources. Our goal is to make your life easier – by reducing barriers to entry for non-traditionals, promoting prototyping efficiencies and leveraging industry partnerships in support of the mission.

we do things differently


At the heart of our existence is our belief in collaboration. Our entire platform is based on a teaming and collaborative approach, whether directly with the Federal Government, amongst our own members, or with industry partners.

We believe in building healthy businesses that can continue to flourish post-OTA award.

We are a trusted partner and honest intermediary.

Technology Scouting Platform

Our technology scouting platform utilizes algorithms and relevance scoring to identify technology solutions across multiple verticals. We provide a streamlined solution that allows government customers to rapidly identify, develop and transition innovative technologies.

Results Driven

Simply put, Govmates does things differently. While we can be defined by what we are NOT – the same, usual consortium management firm servicing the Federal Government in the traditional manner – we prefer to be defined by our results: nearly 25,000 matches and over 3,000 consortium members.

Our model is distinct, our delivery is dynamic, and our results yield a difference.

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